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Your phone is less. Normally the smartphone can be up to

Your phone is less hot, it’s not right. Normally the smartphone can be up to 35-47 degrees Celsius. However, even if the phone is warming up to 35-47 degrees Celsius in then there is a problem with your phone.

Mobile companies are currently slashing the smartphone day by day. But the technology of the battery is not so much better than that. The more vulnerable the battery will cause the phone to produce more heat. The phone is too hot during battery charging or discharging.

Another hot thing to do is become a weak network. If the network is weak on your phone then the signal goes and comes. Again, the speed to use WiFi is to get a lot of speed. After a lot of pressure on the phone for weak networks, the smartphone is too hot.

Always keep in mind that the charge is on the phone. Do not turn on more apps together. Keep in mind that the additional apps on the phone are taking more space in the background. It is not right to use a smartphone or to play extra games on the phone.

Keep RAM and cache memory always clean. Delete unnecessary messaging. Turn off any animation you have on the phone. Use the cover on the phone so that the cover is leather. Keep in mind that the phone does not get hot after external heat. Always refrain from using Wi-Fi.

If you are shy, only the face of the person becomes red! The faces of birds in shame also become red. Especially Macao

Researchers from France’s INRA Center of the Lawyer ‘have been researching five blue-yellow macaws for a while. French researchers are looking for answers to questions about how they interact with each other, their relationship with their trainers, or what kind of questions.

The results of the examination were published in a journal called  It has been said that in the emotional

moment these blue-yellow macaws face red. The whole of Macao has colorful feathers. Only some skin can be seen around the eyes. And that time is red from..

Researchers said that during the negotiations between the Macaoese themselves, in many cases their faces were

being salivated. Even when the trainers talked to them, they became..if the birds sit..many times the whole body will

blossom. This is also a kind of expression, researchers said.

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