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you or your loved ones or your loved ones can be a terrible victim at any time!

Very easily you or your loved ones or your loved ones can be a terrible victim at any time! To save you from danger, on the one hand, increasing the knowledge of the latest innovation in the wake of the new inventions of technology, criminals are trying to trap you again with the new technique to prepare you!

The only precautions and the necessary warnings can only be kept safe from our untold dangers and embarrassing situations.

The old habits of technology changed hands by hand. Great opportunity to add to the shopping Most of the shopping centers are in the trial room.
It is possible to see whether the choice is right from the store or from the store. Some bad people are using such technology to create a lot of dirty things in the society.

The secret camera is set in required trial rooms or public toilets. And watching video in secret is internal scene. How safe are you or me? So need to identify secret cameras beforehand.

But how?
The mirror in the shopping mall trial room may not be real, it’s just as bad as a hidden camera! In the misuse of technology, the real mirror is now added to the fake ich is called a two-dimensional mirror. In this mirror you can see your face, but do not forget that someone from the other side is watching you!

In the shopping mall trial room, in the event of a change in the hiden or pin hole camera, the incident of the picture everyone knows. But the new danger! In the trial room, the mirror that you are changing in front of the mirror may be seeing your secret moment.

There is a mirror called ‘to-way mirror’. Nowadays, in the toilet or trayroom, this ‘to-way mirror’ is seen in many cases.
Looks like a whole ordinary mirror. It can be seen in the same way as the ordinary mirror but it is not visible to the mirror behind it. Right now he can see you clearly. And from there the secret moment video will be created.

How do you understand how to use a mini-way mirror?
If you have any specimen in the shopping utility dog ​​here you are entering the change, like the picture shown below.
Keep the fingers thinner, if you see the Gap in your finger picture, then it’s okay. The new trap of technology! New danger for girls! Make everyone aware by sharing! And if you do not have any gaps to look like this picture then there is a problem. Anyone from the right side is looking for a moment to change your clothes!

In different shopping malls, in the trial trial room, one-fourth of the distorted mind of unscrupulous people keep these hidden cameras every day, you are unaware of my naked photo-video! The terrible impact of which none of us is unknown.

Currently, these types of hidden cameras are available in the market. The bad salesmen of the women’s clothing store could have put such cameras in the toilet room, public toilets and bathrooms in residential hotels.

It is very easy to change the clothes of girls by holding the nude video, spreading it on different web pages, earning money. And again, these poems are spreading due to the distortion of these nude pictures.

Which resulted in millions of hidden cameras footage on YouTube and various porn sites!
The existence of hidden cameras in the room can be very easily evaluated. You can also do the job in just one minute. For this, try to call someone from your mobile to enter the trial room  clothes are changed). If the call can be made and the network is OK, then there will be no hidden camera. And if the call does not go down and the network suddenly turns down, then there will be a secret camera in there.

Fiber optical cable with secret cameras. Signal transfer interfering is going on. For which mobile network does not work properly.

In addition, the camera may be hidden behind the trial room mirror. It is not possible to look at your face in any way.
So put the finger on the mirror before changing the clothes. If your finger is not in the head with a reflex finger, ie if it is empty in the center then the mirror is real.

And if the head of the finger goes to the head of the reflex, it must be doubled in the mirror. It is possible to make your photos or videos very easily from the back side. So be careful now it is urgent now Then it is possible to protect yourself from unknown dangers.

B.D. –
If you want to live, you know that you can stay with many electronics objects, and you can get a fair idea of ​​the . Try searching Google by new hidden camera immage. Please be aware of yourself, make aware of your family’s women.
Spread the alert all the time.

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