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You can be the owner of the house at just 96 taka

Want to buy a house, but there is no money? Go to Sicily! the southern island of Italy City officials advertised the sale of some homes in Sicily.buy a house there you have to count just one Euro. Bangladeshi taka only Tk 96..

any native foreign country can buy the house. The reason behind the sale of house at such a low price is that there is a great lack of people there. Because of the low settlement of the authorities decided to city populous. And the houses are not small. Each house is made up of 40 to 150 square meters of space.

The Mediterranean Sea next to the mountainous city Sambukar. Sambuka is a beautiful lilabhumi in the combination of the sea and the hills. But in modern times people are leaving the the town.  like other villages in Italy this area has become almost deserted.

After a report related to the CNN, a lot of people are thinking. Thousands of people became eager to make their own shelter in this Italian city. The city authorities received 38 thousand e-mails from buying different homes till Friday after advertising.

Samurus deputy mayor Jujeppe Kachoppo was surprised to see people’s interest after advertising. And I’m surprised to see peoples interest. In a few days, I was under pressure.

E-mail inbox is full.

He further said Many people are trying to communicate with my phone without getting into e-mail.

The phone has been running on my entire day. I’ve received several thousand phone calls so far. I can not sleep. I have been struggling to do all the duties together.

However, the deputy mayor Jujeppe confirmed that the house can be found if the money is available. I will tell the buyers not to be frustrated..

I guarantee you There is no risk of fraud. If you want to buy that house, you will get it immediately..

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