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Yellow Khan and see Magic in an empty stomach

Whether it is cooking or silver ornaments, the pair of haludera matching fair. But do you know as a yellow

medication works great? Raw yellow will keep you away from many diseases, if you wake up in the morning and eat

a little raw yellow with honey in the stomach, then you will get the benefit of it after some time.

1) Yellow helps but the excess fat is released. Carcumin, which contains chemicals in the halud, mixes very quickly in the body. And does not let the body buds grow.

2) Milk mixed with raw turmeric, mix that mixture as face pack. It can help to eliminate the bolero when used

3) Raw yellow and dry orange orange peas can be used as a mixer scrubber. This scrubber can be used to change the

4) Fluid compounds have carcumin that helps prevent cancer.

5) Raw yellow is a great benefit to people suffering from acne problems. Apply raw green beans, grapes and rose water mixed with brine. Wash after a while. Acne will be mixed and there will be no fear of infections.

6) Does the sun’s skin come on the skin? Then apply curd in a raw yellow bowl. Burns will be

7) Yellow urine is an inexplicable drug in cold-blooded cough. To reduce cough, put one piece of raw yellow in the mouth. You can also drink a glass of hot milk and mix turmeric and turmeric powder. You will find comfort very quickly.

8) If you have pain in the hands and feet, you can eat a little yellow in milk. If the joint pain, you can make a paste of yellow paste and paste it.

9) According to Ayurvedic, yellow or purify the blood, so the flowers of the yellow flowers are said to help remove the skin..

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