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Wife’s wife is found to lose. But mother is not available when we lose our mother

Wife’s wife is found to lose. But mother is not available when we lose our mother ‘dialogue with everyone we know. May be the wife is actually found to be wife. But, in exchange for the money? That may be beyond our perception. But it is true that there is a place in this world where wives get wives when they give money.

Country Name Nigeria Money Ways to Pay Wife ‘Money Marage’ But this news is not funny news. It is known that only five years in exchange for money, there is an example of handing the girl to an adult man. Although the marriage of this kind of marriage has been banned 25 years ago, the Nigerian government has banned it. Even then, there is a marriage in this society.

Currently, Nigerian Community Leader Andamatop, Sunday Inchele is involved in the rescue work of victims of this type of incident. He said that such marriage has been abolished in the 90’s of the last century. Although this does not happen publicly, the incident remains in force. He also said that financially, families are willing to give such girls their marriage voluntarily in exchange for money. Such cases occur when a father becomes ill or involved in a police case.

Such a marriage is actually a form of slavery. Nigerian girls and adolescents are being victimized by extreme sexual abuse. The girls who are married in such a marriage are said to be ‘Money Wife’ or Woman Buying in Taka.
Suddenly, the talk of the Dhollywood, that Shakib has returned to SK Movies. Or Shiki Shakib gave back to the movie of the movie When talking about this, Shakib Khan said, “There is no misunderstanding here. My long association with Ashok Dhanuka This relationship will not get spoiled by a picture transaction. A project is not going to stop forever. There is no reason for tension. We both are fine. ‘

Meanwhile, the production of films with Bangladesh for a couple of years is being produced by Kolkata Film Productions Company SK Movies. Many hit film company has decided to roll back business from Bangladesh recently. Shakib’s salary of the hero Shakib Khan has come up as a reason.

In the media, Shakib Khan wanted 60 lakhs rupees for the movie in SKK Movie. That is why the company does not want to make movies with Shakib Khan. There is no interest in investing in the film, because there is no other hero than Shakib. The news has risen to more than one success in the joint production of SK. That’s why more uninteresting pictures here.

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