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Why life insurance?

There are many smogs in life insurance in our country, there are many confusions. Many people think that it is only for a little help in the growing age. Someone else thinks that, after 10, 15 or 18 years, the amount of money that will be paid when the expiration is fulfilled.

it is very despicable. In reality it is not. There are nearly a dozen things, the reasons for which to be insured are life insurance.

If you do not

Human life and death are all in the hands of God. We do not want to lose any loved ones. Yet many of us face this ruthless truth. Suppose it was mine-in your case.

Suddenly you or I have not. It is not only the bereavement of losing a loved one but also facing a financial crisis. A life insurance policy can help the family members in this situation to get the courage to take the initial setback

According to the rules, if the policyholder dies before the expiry of his term his family receives full term of the policy. Suppose, Rafiq Uddin made a policy of Tk 20 lakh. He died before the expiration. In this case, his family will get a full two lakh rupees, which will protect them from the intensity of their financial crisis

Cooperation in the expenditure of medical expenses

Many life insurance policies involve the treatment of some diseases and accidents. In case of such a case, someone will suffer from an accident and lose their organs and get financial help. Let’s talk about Rafiq Uddin. If this is included in this policy, then after losing a finger in the accident, you will receive a quarter of the total amount of the policy. In the case of a policy of 2 million rupees he will get 5 lakh rupees.

Certain diseases, including kidney bites, heart attacks, are available for medical treatment.

Loan repayment assistance

Nobody wants that, after his death, the family will be trapped in the debt of his leave. He may be a loan, housing loan, car loan, personal loan or credit card loan. The family members are helpless to lose dependency then they will become helpless. The life insurance policies can emancipate them by repaying loan money.

Helpful to achieve long-term goals

Life Insurance Policy can play a helpful role in meeting long-term goals. You can get great help with buying a flat or home, child high education etc.

The retirement benefits of private workers

After the retirement of government workers they get the benefits of Provident Fund, Gratuity, as well as pension benefits, which provide financial security for their retirement. In this case most of the non-government employees are deprived of this facility. Life insurance can provide some financial security for your retirement.

Tax benefits

There are some tax advantages in life insurance. The money that is paid as insurance premiums every year is tax-free.

Savings under pressure

Many times it becomes difficult to save life and balance between balance. So whatever I earn, it is spent in many ways. There is no need for spending on daily expenses, child education costs, wedding ceremonies, birthdays, socializing, travel, new furniture or electronic gazette.

In this way the account of the account is absolutely zero. If there is a life insurance policy, it is compulsory to keep the premium in force and submit it. And there is a gradual increase in savings which can become bigger at one time.

Relief on the future,

Death is inevitable. There is no scope to avoid it. So much concern about the death of people does not work. Concerns are about the future of the wife and children and the other family members. If you do not have them, then they will live, they will meet daily needs, and do not end their misery.

A good life insurance policy can greatly reduce this anxiety. So it is possible to survive as long as you live.


There is no lack of provision of life insurance. However, if there is a loss of life insurance policies in the wrong place or the deceit gets caught by the agent, then the woes are not ended.

Often the policy is canceled or deprived of the desired benefit. So before opening the policy, inquire about the companies concerned, they will have to see their track records.


And the terms of the insurance contract should be read well. In addition to the contract of insurance, the premium submission receipts should be kept in good stead.

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