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Why did Kajal marry Ajay There are many hidden mysterie behinds him

Celebrity couples are very dear to everyone, especially if they are the heroes of the movie’s famous hero.

Whenever people see that both heroes and heroes are playing a romantic role in the screen, they  interest of the human be multiplied towards them. Kajol and Devgn are among the celebrity couple of Bollywood celebrities.

By these two stars got married in the Maharashtrian tradition on January 24, 1999.

This couple has two children, name Nisha and era. Kajal is an entertaining and naughty sweet character, and on the other hand.

Despite having two opposite characters, both of them were attracted to each other, and even more exemplary, that to this day,  which is considered to be an extremely exceptional example.

Did you know that Kajol is married to Ajay Devas To know if you have to

Favorite sweet couple in Bollywood everyone

Kajol plans to marry Ajay Devons in the middle of his career success.

Before marrying Ajay Devas, Kajol decides that he will do only one movie a year..

Kajol said that 9 years before the marriage, he has lived in his movie world, and that is why he adopted the policy gradually after marriage.

Build your own life for yourself

Before marriage, Kajal used to make four to five films a year, but he did not want to maintain this trend after the marriage.

He wanted a happy and lasting family life after marriage.

Kajal took the right decision at the right time in his life. with very intelligent and sincereagreed to marry and would like to take their relationship forward.

There are many rumors in the industry, but they all prove to be false.

When Kajol and Ajay Devs get married, the news media promotes that this marriage will not last long

But it proved to be false. These couples make great trust in each other.

The main reason for our success in marital life is that Ion the other hand Ajay listens quietly.

After 18 years of marriage, they happily reside in the family.Nisha and era

Let us bring the message  to Kajal and Ajay with the lives of two sweet children.