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Whether there is no watch or pavement plastic watch

Whether there is no watch or pavement plastic watch, the rules are the same. The clockwise always rotates right. But why do the clockwise turn right. He could also turn left. Whether there is no specific reason for this, the question that has ever peeped into the mind. Let’s know why it is so in all the clocks.

In fact, the clock was invented in Europe. Before that time people were watching the sunlight. The clock turned clockwise right by the sunglasses. Let’s say it open.

Europe is located in the northern hemisphere of the world. So the sun shines in the south sky. That is why, the shadow of the sunlight would have shifted its shadow from left to right. That is the measure of time. That is why the clock is moving in the same way. Left to right. Whom call the clockwise.

Hundred years of sunglasses have been abandoned. And yet, it touches the clock to control the movement of the clock. In this way, the time is moving forward towards touching history. That’s the rule.

Do you know Why 60 seconds in minutes, 60 minutes in the bell?

Why a minute is shared by 60 seconds. Or vice versa why 60 seconds is one minute? Why is it taken 60 minutes for an hour?

It could have been an hour in 100 minutes. Or 100 seconds? The short answer is that this process has been going on for thousands of years. Why exactly is the process of the 24th and 60s started, the historians have identified some reasons behind this.


Our 10-based number system has the ability to count using 10 fingers of hand. At least 5,000 years ago, in the Sumerian civilization, instead of the decimal number system for complex mathematical and geometrical calculations, 12 and 60 based methods were used.

The limit of 10-based approach is that 10 can not be shared with anything other than 2 and 5. In comparison, 12 k2, 3, 4, 6 and 60 are divided by 2 to 6. As a result, it was easy to calculate the function of fraction in these systems.

Besides, the Sumerians and later the Bablonis counted the total number of three to one and a half to one and a half by dividing the remaining four fingers. The maximum number of 60 is found in two hands by multiplying 12 numbers in one hand by five fingers in the other hand. It can also be an important factor in selecting the 60-minute number in minutes.

Geometry and Astronomy

After the fall of the Sumerian civilization, in the eighteenth century BC, the Babylonians discovered the degree of measurement of the angle. At that time, they thought that the Earth would rotate the Sun once a day. That is, if the angular rotation of each day is defined as 1 degree, then 360 degree is completed in full rotation.
Historians speculate that the concept of 360 degree of the circle comes from here.

Construct a sixth of the circle, that is, 60 degree real angles. That is, every triangle is equal to 60 degrees by drawing six triangle inside the circle. For this reason, the number 60 in geometry and astronomy was of particular importance.

Between 335 and 324 BC, the great azure lands of Alexander the Great resulted in Babylon’s astronomy spread to Greece and the Indian sub-continent. After the emergence of Islam, Muslim scientists and astronomers also adopted methods of measuring 12 and 60 based times from Rome and India. In this way, gradually this system is spread throughout the world.

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