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What to do when the face blow ?? Do not ignore it now!

There are many facial problems. According to experts, early signs of more than 200 diseases are revealed through facial hazards. But we usually see the problems of facial scourges. However, it must be emphasized in this regard.

The mouth is in the mouth or the tongue, the pain is painful, something to burn when it comes to eating – it is almost the same as the initial symptoms of mouth wheezing. However, some may also have problems with mouth swelling or puffiness.

Generally, if the facial spine or spit in the mouth is cut in some way. After brushing the teeth with hard brush again, the problem arose, many of them have seen. If you drink a lot of hot water or chew in the cheeks, it may cause bites inside the cheek.

Why is the face blow

Be careful of face injuries. Be careful while brushing your teeth. If the teeth are scrawny, treat them. To prevent this problem, try to keep regular eating, sleep, mentally retarded.

Let’s not know what to do when the face of the blow?


A substance that is quite effective in removing stem from the stomach. Put one tablespoon of yogurt in two cups of water. Then cool it with a few times. Get benefits

Aloe vera jail

Aloe vera gel or alloparus juice can reduce facial mouthache. Aloe vera gel is a natural antiseptic, whose antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral material can reduce the wound.

Honey with coconut milk

Mix honey with one tablespoon of coconut milk. Now add this mixture to three to four times a day. Without honey, you can massacre only with coconut milk. The wound can be removed quickly.

Tulsi leaves

Drink water three or four times a day with some tulsi leaves. It will quickly prevent facial aches and reduce the tendency of the mouth to blow.

T bag

To remove the pain and irritation, the bag is very effective. Wrap a bag in cold water and place it in the dark place. Pain and wounds can be removed quickly.


It can also help in preventing oral infection through salt water. Put a piece of cloves or put it on a wound with cloves juice. Get benefits

Piece ice

Take a piece of ice and keep it in the dark place. Or can cool off with cold water.


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