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What are the symptoms of silent death like Sridevi! Doctor Doctor

There was no physical illness like that, but suddenly, actress Sridevi went to cardiac arrest just 54 years of age. Doctors warn that, in any case, such a silent death can kill. When looking at some symptoms, you should be careful, what to take precautions, heart disease specialist Biswajit Chatterjee. Photo – AFP

Symptoms 1- Feeling chest pain, pressure.

Symptom 2- Slightly rumble. Which is called palpitation.

Symptom 3 – Could have been done easily, but now it is a relief to do the same. Such as broken stairs, walking etc.

Symptom 4- Dizziness. Picture-

If you have problems with diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid, then do regular tests.

Although there is no problem with blood pressure, sugar, even after thirty years of age, these tests are advised to give specific intervals. In the present life, there are fewer physical and mental rest opportunities for people. As a result, doctors are advised to be alert only after thirty but not later than 30.

To eat more fries, fiber-rich foods. Such as straw, vegetables, more fruits etc.

What are the symptoms of silent death like Sridevi! Doctor, do you know
The amount of carbohydrate should be reduced. Rice, bread, potatoes, sweet, bakery, processed food, low-fat food eat less.

Eat protein and fat-controlled quantities. Eat four or five times a day without eating more than once. Consult a doctor or a doctor if needed.

Everyone’s body problems are different. As a result, find out what is the right diet for your body, whether it’s a doctor or a doctor.

Those who have birth cardiac problems, can silence heart disease without any warning. As a result, consult a regular doctor if there is any such problem.

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