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Viral Alia Bhat with Ranbir Video Call!

After Deepika-Katrina, Ranveer Kapoor’s name has been named after Alia Bhatt. This rumor started from director Ayan Mukhopadhyay’s ‘Brahmastra’ set. Now the video call is common in love. But then the environment is there! But without seeing it, Krishna came to Raj Kapoor’s funeral and made a video call to Ranbir. Alia Bhatt became viral. Although not the word of love. Grandfather is away from the country. So he showed Thakumar’s funeral to the boy through the phone.

Actually, two days before, Rishi Kapoor tweeted that he is going to America for treatment. He wrote, I’m going to America with a few days off from work. Holly is not the day. For the treatment. But there is no such concern. I’ll be back very soon. Ranveer and his wife Nitu Kapoor accompanied him on this journey. So Krishna could not stay in Raj Kapoor’s last days and his family.

Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Raj Kapoor (87) left the last breath at around 4am on Monday. Alia Bhat was present in the funeral of Mirza. Alia was present at Karnal’s bungalow with Kare Johar on Tuesday. Later, through the video call, he showed the grandfather of grandson Krishna. Such a video has been viral in social media

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