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Veva gifted her kidney to her husband anniversary

The gift of love is usually the bouquet of flowers, candle light dinner or expensive perfumes or luxury tours. But the wife who gave to her husband would be surprised to hear this gift.

The reason is that on the 17th anniversary of marriage, the husband gave his kidney as a gift to wife! And in reality, such an incident happened in Indore, India.

It is learned that Soni was suffering from kidney problems for last eight months. Dialysis was going on regularly. But his physical condition deteriorated two days before the wedding anniversary. Without delay, wife Pravasha quickly came to a large hospital in Indore with her husband. Afterwards, Pravita was admitted to the doctor’s suggestion.

Later Dr. told the doctor that Robi’s kidney needs. Viveva told the doctor not to follow before, he would give kidney to kidneys. In view of this, the wife’s checkup check starts. Operation is not too late!

After operation, Pravea told the doctor that their marriage anniversary was about to happen. After knowing about this, Rabio told the doctor, “I got the best gift from the wife!” Robi and Prave are now both healthy, hospital sources said…

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