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Very profitable 12 businesses which are possible capital

Most of the youth of the country can not start a business because the capital is low. Many people will say that these young people will need a lot of money to do business. Thus thousands of entrepreneurs are moving away from their wishes. It does not take much money to start a busines

There are many businesses that can be started in very small capital. The characteristics of these businesses are that all entrepreneurs in a general..


If you know about some of the small capital businesses
glossary shop

There is a lack of your capital. So you can give a grocery store. There is a great advantage of this business that it does not require extra intelligence. Would prefer to shop less where the store is less.
Stationer is increasing rapidly. With the progress of the country, office courts, business and related departments are also increasing. Registrar registers, pencils, pens, files etc. are needed in these institutions. These necessary books, pen, pencils, scale etc. are available in the station.
Fabrics sewing work

In order to keep pace with modern times, amateur men and women are interested in wearing different designs. So in addition to buying clothes, they made different costumes from the tailor’s suit according to their own desire and design. Due to this, the demand of tailoring or tailoring is always there.
Mobile phone shop

Nowadays, almost all people of the country are using mobile. Currently mobile phone business is very profitable. First, open a store with small mobile phones in small areas. Gradually keep up the store. Then sell the phone accessories
Beauty Salon

It is the best and easy business for women. After just 2-3 months of a boutique course, you can open a salon. There is no need to say anything about the future of the parlor business.
General Store

The general store or goods business is very profitable. Keep these daily necessities like soap, shampoo, beauty cosmetics, pen, booklet etc. in these stores. Women can work with men in this business.

Nowadays everybody wants to preserve health. For this reason many go to the gym. You can take this as an opportunity. Take a business out of a good place. If demand increases, open branches at different places when earnings increase.
Repair of computers, laptops

If you can repair computers, laptops but it will be a good business for you. If you can not, then you have to take training. Officially training is also done. Only 3-6 months of training can open a computer repair..
Home canteen

Where the population is more, there is more work there. There are more offices or organizations. Many people can not go out of the office to o you can open home canteens to provide food for different offices. That’s why you can cook in the kitchen. Afterwards, it will reach the office according to order accordingly.
Gifts Store

Can open a business of gifts children’s toys, flower shops, etc.
Milk and dairy products

Making a lot of money can be earned by selling milk and dairy products.
Chicken business

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