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Use today to whiten the tooths. this thing will gets results in the hand

B tells a lot about people And the most valuable is the smile in the mouth, this smile just feels good when the teeth are beautiful and shiny. When we meet someone first, there is an idea about this laugh

That’s why it is important for everyone to feel a good impression on others before they are shiny tooth. But many people are suffering for yellow color, do not talk with them well.

But it is possible to get rid of tooth color in just two minutes. And it is also possible to have a shiny tooth.

This requires toothpaste, lemon juice and coffee. First take a toothpaste in a small container, then take half a spoon baking soda with it, give little salt on it and then mix well with half a spoonful of lemon juice. If you do not have sour soaking, you can use it instead. It should be remembered that in order to use INO.And at the end, add coffee to it and make a mix well.

Once the mixture is made, brush it and brush it with a tooth brush. It is only once done that your teeth will look like white and bright like diamonds.

Because the mixture was already used in baking soda , which would make the teeth shiny once by using it. Rather, more damage can lead to dental damage. So try using this mix in less than 2 minutes.

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