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Two Worlds were also ahead of Miss World Bangladesh

Two Worlds were also ahead of Miss World Bangladesh. They are Labani and Ananya. In it, Afrin Sultana Labani came to the discussion and asked him the answer to the judge’s question. Judge Sadia Ibnaz said to Labani, “If you are asked to make three wills, what will happen to those wills and who will want to wish?” Labani said that he wants to make Cissebazar, Sundarban and hill-mountain of Bangladesh the biggest C-Beach . These answers have become troll and viral.

This lavani came out with sensational information. He or she is married! Her husband’s name was Ataur Rahman Atiq. Resident of Jamalpur Sadar Bagerhata College Road. In addition to the business, he has been modeled on some music videos. They went to Jamalpur Court on 18 August 2014, they were married. After two years of family life, on 17 May 2016, they got divorced. After the divorce, there were two cases of robbery against Lavani. The cases are not settled yet.

In this context, the former husband of latean Ataur Rahman was contacted. He said, “our identity at the end of 2012. Then friendship and love. Then I used to stay in Dhaka. I spent a lot of money for her mother’s treatment. I was watching his family. I got married in love I had two shops in his name (Afrin S L Enterprise) in Shamsul Huq Tower in Chawkbazar, which is no longer there. He used to collect all my money and festi with others. One time I ran away with my money. He also stole his name. The case is now being chargesheeted. After that, how did he bring the case of political power from 2016 to 2018?

This information was also told by Swapan Chowdhury of Ataur’s competition. He said he was not the winner. It’s a lot of trouble. There is no hassle for this.

But at the beginning of the contest, Shobibi’s chairman Swapan Chowdhury said, “If any contestant gives false information or conceal information, then it will be fined 10 lakh rupees after proving it. Confused because of giving false information last year. If someone registers with false information, strict action will be taken against him. We are checking the information of participants through our own people and organization

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