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Two heroine wars with boyfriend!!

Two favorite faces of the entertainment world.. Parineeti Moni and Faria Shahrien A silent battle between them is going onlong run. Faria announced the stoppage of this war…

Faria said in her latest She will not be lenient about this issueThis announcement is looking at its status and image.

It is not possible to quarrel with everyone.

The phenomenon begins from the status of the priesthood. On 20th November, Faria wrote to Priya Moni in a position about the first cup. He told me one day that there was no class in the slum…

I was surprised to see his two-headed snake mark.!

However, say it from the beginning slum slogan gave that status to Chakrani ome eligal workers were expelled from Malaysia. At that time he shared that news  was kicked out of Malaysia by kicking my buah and so I joined the RTV to come to …According to hi joining RTV, Chakrani Gulshan met a friend of his grandson he gave the status Gulshan elephants came today so Gulshan will…

Live with a sensational issue like suicide, so that the young people do not suicides. He wrote that live wrote it,laughed. My name is All the servants of the name of the name of the dirty! My bogie black, hanging middle-aged crises. Thousands of dirty words

But he is a young khaki, who comes out of the stomach, who is married three. And recently wrote by his servant want

to begging for work to work in the freebies, the brand ambassador of the aunt’s pigtail ointment, Rakhi Sawant

female version, frustrated attiction mantal etc. Not only that he threw me my skin…

A few days ago, a journalist gave the status of the heroine movie Flop so doing web series. I write that I forgive him – after eating it I have to live. Is it wrong?

I do not know But I have tolerated this girl’s hatred day after day

I did not say anything so long, everyone would have loved me by showing me his writing, laughing.

This time I can not I am also human I am angry, have tolerance limits. Enough is Enough of her provocation  so Ive been forced to go crazy all the time.

Those who advised me please place me in my place. i am done with this issue now no more fight with bostis A lot of

people have dropped down their level to come with the slums, because they have no classes, no shame. so i better

stop here now i cant be fake like them  i will always protest if i see anything wrong … let the dog bark … over and out…

Note that Faria and Pari Mani’s battle for battle started on 14 November. Provide a status intended for Parimoni Faria. Faria also gave a status of humiliating fairy tales at Farima.

It is learned that the legguru Tamim was behind this  Tamim was in love with Faria Shahrien. After their breakup, Parineeti Moni got involved Faria also claims that Paramah Tamim married and the family is also doing the same…

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