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Twilight twin sister roamed togethers

The light of 7 November 1996 was lit in the light of morning. The work started to turn around and gradually started to grow. Hathazari Fatwa’s ice cream Factory Road area is known outside the house so-called.

But inside the house? The hands of all the creators there in the court of God. The people waiting for the new guest are silently praying silently.

The clutches of the clock broke at nine to ten in the morning, and the silence of the newborn crying. New tears apart, five minutes! The face of the earth was seen by another stranger, from the same mother’s womb. Both are fuddy girls.

Government official Baba Syed Md. Raiduan and Housewife mother Shahina Parvin named the elder daughter Tasnuva Munira, Tanzilla Mubashirira named the younger.

How many jamas are born every moment in the world, what is new and what-it is said to be good at the pre-birth, there has been a coincidence among the two sisters, which may fall out of the inside, some of these words are astonishin

What is the jamaje roaming together everywhere Surely the script of their life is written by God himse.

lf Two sisters are now studying in Chittagong University law department.

In the same department of the same university. In the course of the admission test war, there is a little bit of surprise in the same section.

This is the case of university life. From school to college, there were two faces never separated.

Fourth class has studied together in NMC Model High School.

Then the two sisters took part in the good school admission test in the admission test.

Two people got the chance to join Bangladesh Girls’ Association in Girls High School.

There he read up to the SSC School career ends with two sisters completing GPA-5 from the Department of Science.

On the eve of college admission two sisters changed the division.

Now the name of their division from science is business education.

Both of them got the opportunity in Haji Muhammad Mohsin College.

The HSC did not change the results of the two-those GPA-5s. But a little difference meant getting a GPA-5 in all matters, another was less.

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