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Today’s this aliens reduce the weight of 68 kg

Student of the Year photo of the teenage girl on the silver screen. In the first film, his presence responds well in the audience. But to become thisAlia  Alia Bhat herself ha to sweat a lot of sweat. 68 had to reduce its weight completely. Find out how he reduced the weight.

Choice yoga
There is a regular gym. Alia also likes to spend time behind Yoga. Yoga is quite a few seats he can make effortlessly.

Daily practice
There are various physical exercises, dancing exercises on the list. The shool had to dance in the life of the dancer And 3 to 4 days a week would like to go to the gym. By spending at least 40 minutes in different exercises, he has time to spend time there. Although Alia’s simple simple confession, ‘Jim is not like me. I like Yogai. ‘He also likes to run on the beach as well as swimming.

The amount of food grains of aliar is very little. However, whatever needs to be done should be nutritious. For example, oatmeal, papaya, salad, curd However, this star has completely prevented itself from carbohydrate, sugar and extra oily foods. In one word, avoid any junk food.

All-day meal list
The morning started with a cup of herbal tea or coffee without sugar. With an egg sandwich. Bread with vegetables as a lunch. Vegetables and poultry with plenty of fruit and dinner with white rice or bread in the afternoon. And there is plenty of water.

Alia’s many favorite foods
One day he kept a day to eat food. At this time there is no one to eat chocolate, noodles. And not much as a favorite meal. He told the lemon water, Lucky, both of them. Info: Boldsky..

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