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This woman is a millionaire If you hear his life story you can not hold the tears

Binita Jr. is the first billionaire in the 10th season of Kan Baanega Crorepati’. He won one crore taka by answering 14 questions. It is known, he taught private. But there is no end to the story  who lives in Assam Guwahati.

He told her about the story of her life. In the hot seat, she regretted thather husband went to business in Vine State for business. But did not come back. Her husband or the militants kidnapped. Afterwards, he was declared dead, but he did not receive his dead body any day.

They searched for the first one and a half years. Waiting if the husband comes back. But that is not the end. After that began to open a coaching center.

So that you can afford to raise one son and one daughter. He started the center with seven students. Now he has taught 100 students in social studies and English.

After listening to this story, Amitabh Bachchan, host of the show, praised and determination, saying that for the people like humility, he got the support of every day.

Till now, a ticket checker Somesh Kumar Chowdhury and a graphic designer of Gujarat, Sandeep Sawlia, lakhs in this episode of’ Con Baanega  But this season one million taka won first prize Anamika Majumdar of Jamshedpur won one crore taka in this quiz show in the last episode. Source: Kaler Kantho

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