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This lube will clean your lungs!

Poisoning in smoking There is no disagreement over the authenticity of this popular word. If you smoke for more than five years, you will suffer from bronchitis once….

The bronchitis patient can tell good how dangerous it is and it is a painful disease. It causes energy loss by causing

breathing problems. Smoking damages your lungs, increases the risk of cancer. Coughs, bronchitis are all these

signs. If it is impossible without smoking, you can keep your lungs healthy through a drink. This drink can be made in

the house. Click on the image below to see the video.

Whatever it takes:

1 kilogram onion

1 small splinter

1 liter of water
400 grams of honey


2 teaspoons yellow
How to create


First, burn the honey with water.

Now add onion, ginger, turmeric powder

When it comes to Balkak, reduce the oven.
Keep the fluid thick until it gets half.
Keep stirring occasionally in the fire.
Throw down when dense.
After cooling down, leave it in the fridge.

How to  eat it twice a day. Two tablespoons of empty stomach in the morning and two table spoons before dinner in the evenin. Do not eat anything in this half hour of eating. Quitting smoking is the easiest and best way to stay healthy. Smoking is not only your lungs, but also causes damage to the body. If you can not quit smoking alone, then drink this drink. This will help keep your lungs clean and healthy

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