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These small bottles have been found in new bottles or shoes

It is called silica gel. Its work is to absorb moistuand keep it in itself. Many have got the thing inside the new shoes or plastic bottles. Such a small white p often kept in a dough of medicine.

If you touch it from above, you might think there is nothing in common. It is written on the alert, do not eat, or keep away from children.

If someone is curious to see a tablet, then you can see that there is a small white, some transparent one-grain grain. It is called silica gel.

Its work is to absorb moisture and keep it in itself. We usually drop the silica gel bag inside of anything we usually purchase.

This silica gel bag can be used in many ways. If you can store silica gel bags with new purchases, then you will get many benefits. What are the benefits of thinking

1. When the mobile phone falls into the water: your mobile has fallen into the water? Or the water has fallen on the mobile? Do not worry.

Turn off the battery, disconnect the battery, SIM, memory card and dry them with dry cloth or cotton. Then put the phone in a plastic box and put it in five to six silica gel bags.

If the bags are in touch with the mobile, it is good. The silica gel in the bag can absorb the water and humidity contained in the mobile.

2. Protecting items from drenching: If you want to protect the metal in the he from rust or rust, put it in an airtight plastic box and put it in three to four silica gel packets.

Do not rust. If you put a beard-cutting safety razor in this way the blade will last for a long time. If you can make this technique of making silver or any other metal made of metal, then they will be brand new.

3. Keeping the food fresh: Stuck with a few silica gel bags in the inside of the lid of the container. Now close the lid. The

If you put silica gel in dry feet, drizzle, gourd etc., you will get special results. But keep in mind, silica gel bags do not touch food.

4. Emergency papers and photographs keep fit: Owing to moisture, many of our emergency papers come with a damp skin glue.

In that case, keep a few silica gel bags in the drawer or almirah that keeps him in paper or file. If possible, keep one or two bags in the file.

You will see that dampness will not come. If you put a silica gel bag inside the photo album, the pictures will be perfectly fine.

5. Keep the medicines fit: Put a plastic vial or container in the container containing one or two silica gel bags. There will be no fear of losing the drug. pj

So, do not drop the silica gel bag with the new purchases from now on. Keep them down, work a lot. If you need to buy online shopping, you can also buy silica gel bag..

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