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There is no search for Apu sansar because

There are many actors (heroes and heroes) who do not get enough work in television play. But he said, there are several movies in hand. I’ll say the final. The realization of those movies is rarely seen. I will do the film together in the bat – many people’s mouths. However, journalists have got answers to the questions related to the movie. Artists might say such things to their own self.

When the sound of the established star is not seen in the work, the devotees are completely frustrated. Somehow they think that stars might say that. Faruq, a renowned hero of Bengali film, said, “If everything is fine, then it will be hand in the making of the film since the coming year. Do three movies. All are my screenplay. But Amjad Hossain will be in charge of the dialogue of the movie. “The film is not being found in the movie people of the film. Amjad Hossain also does not know when the movie is being started. Faruk asked the hero to be absolutely absolute.

Almost every day rumors about superstar Shakib Khan. Of these lies are more than number. If he does not, then Shakib’s words are worth a price. He said that the film will be produced. Shakib’s first film ‘Hero of the Superstar’, which was released in 2014 by SK Films banner, was released. Shakib produced ‘Hero of the Superstar’, directed by Badiul Alam Khokan. Then there is a buzz about every year, Shakib Khan is producing cinema.

Many times Shakib Khan also showed interest in film production. The announcement came from Shakib Khan’s production company, ‘Love Buzz’, ‘Lakham’, and two films. But there is no search for those pictures. This year, the announcement of several films of Shakib has been announced. The bigger announcement about Shakib was that he would be acting in a Bollywood movie. But this year, the buzz is yet to come, but at the end of this year there is no trace of it.

Jazz Multimedia, a time-honored production company. Judge finalized the decision to make Hindi film Bollywood’s respected Kapoor Kapoor, the heroine of the movie is not correct. Judge Multimedia chief Abdul Aziz said the information. He will be the hero of the movie Shakib or Shuvo, the rumor heard in the movie. But there is no news in reality.

Farah has been told to act in Bollywood by taking Jaj’s hand. Even talking about, Jazz would make regular films in Bollywood, leaving the Bangladesh office. Acting in the court of Judge Abdul Aziz Many such announcements have come from the company. Jazz Multimedia announced to make a movie with detective story Masud Rana According to Jazz Multimedia sources, the budget of the Masud Runar has been captured Tk 50 crore. The producer is Hollywood. But in the case of bank loan problems, the Jazz project will tell the light how much light it is.

A little bit behind this news, everyone said in Abaddle. Hey do not know? In the film, the heroine invested. The heroine may be invested by the producer’s friend by money laureate. Anyway, Mahi – the winners gave the announcement of film production. Mahi said that day, forget that brother There is no other idea about him now. And Parimani said, this year or the shooting of the movie will start and end. In fact, director Shamim Ahmed Rony is busy with Shakib Khan’s other films. let’s see what happen. Zayed Khan also announced to produce regular movies. But there is no news about that movie. What he is doing as an artist than what Zaid Khan is doing as a secretary of the artistic society? That’s also the point of view. He knows what’s best.

Producer Khurshid Alam Khasru has announced to create pictures with the story of Shakib Khan and heroine Apu Biswas. The name of the film is Apur Sansar. There is no search for that photo. On behalf of Apur Khorshed Alam wanted to do such a picture, but now he is seen in the opposition camp.

Zakia Bari Mom was signed to Mumbai in India for acting in Mumbai. The film’s director Faisal Saif posted on Facebook with a picture taken on the day after the contract. In this he wrote, ‘New movie, move on the new path. Shooting started in December ‘. This incident last year But when he came in December this year he did not find any movie. The heroine does not know anything new..

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