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There is no guardian responsibility for teachers

Viqarunnisa Noon School and College student Aritree has been involved in a series of deadly blame game in the

social media, including media. Look at the attitude that teachers are only responsible Parents have no responsibility….

What was the guarantee that Oritri’s parents did not have any role to play after arithri suicide in that incident?


It may be that, after the school authorities called the father of Urtri’s father, he went to..

his house and tortured his father and mother, who could not accept that Aritri!

No student seems to be able to make such a big decision, as much as a teacher is punishing a student.

And if that were the case, then hundreds of students would think that the suicide was happening every day.

Such a decision can be made only when no one finds the last place of trust to the nearby people.

It is unreasonable to find any reason behind the suicide of..

Due to the absence of GPA Five in the country where students do not commit suicide in fear of school teachers, due to parents committed  I never favor the blame on one-way teachers in that country.

I remember, how many colors were found in Patenga Sea Beach in Chittagong, where a girl student found dead body, news was found in different media. Someone said without he was raped and killed.

I do not know how many people have tried to know the actual incident later far as the reliable sources, the girl was not killed. She committed suicide. And if there is any reason behind his suicide, his family!

And I’m not convinced that it’s just a specific cause or a party responsible for the suicides of boys or older people of many minor children. Because in the society we those who  once the students of Oritri are found to be vulnerable, they will save life by rescuing fourteen groups.

And in such a social system, when an accident occurs, how many people are aware of how aware people beautiful

they are. Do not waste your self on the other. But at the moment, a mother should know the best of her

mental If they were genuinely aware, were then we would not have seen such incidents..

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