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The world’s most expensive bike

A new electric motorcycle was shown in the consumer electronics show at the Consumer in Las USA. Carbon fiber frames have been used for the first time in the history of motor vehicles, like a bike and a motorcycle. To get the new electric motorcycle, the customer will have to calculate 39 thousand 500 dollar more than 33 lakh….

With the latest technology, this new electric motorcycle has huge value behind the technical advantages.

this motorcycle has created a German company named Novas. The company has published a video of a motorcycle

But surprisingly has only 38 kilograms of weight. Most of the parts are hidden inside the frame.

Once again, the motorcycle can run continuously 100 kilometer road. The maximum speed of 96.5

kilometers per hour. Besides, there are 14.44 kilowatt lithium-ion batteries in the motorcycle. The maximum power

from the engine will be available through this battery Moreover this motorcycle will be completely new technology

suspension. However, the suspension can tell how much movement can be made by the founding company.

for the break in the motorcycle, it will be dual hydraulic floating caliper disk brake. There is no instrument

cluster on this motorcycle. Instead of having a smartphone. This smartphone will also work as a digital key to show

all motorcycle information.

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