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The villagers handed over chicken thief to the Forest Officer

The villagers handed over the chicken thieves to the forest officer. The incident took place on Thursday in the

western part of the country’s North 24 Parganas in Denganga thana of West Champdana midparpara area.

There are several poultry farms in the area. Chickens were stolen from those farms for a long time.

Thieves who were running poultry that were kept in the neck or wire nets on the thieves were running away with regular chickens in the fields.

The chickens in the area were worried about the traders. The financial loss was due to them. Initially, they thought that a group of miscreants stole it.

Villagers decided to join the thieves to join hands, they will arrange for night. The introduction of laddusota and the

farm guard arrangement A couple of months ago villagers saw that the thieves went into the poultry farm and cut them off with a chicken.

thieves are not people. The thief is actually a group of couples. The villagers could have killed the cougar if they

tried. But they have heard that the number of animals in the villages is decreasing gradually. So they decided that the cougar would give him the forest department.

Accordingly, the villagers made a cage on one night and trapped the chickens trapping them. A poultry merchant

named Noor Islam Mandal was caught on Wednesday night in an adult cougar. In the morning, they were all taken

care of. The news is given in the Administration and Forest Department. At noon, forest officials took the forest cat.

In the words of the villagers, right, the cougar has done us a lot of financial damage.

But now the cougar is not particularly visible. So we did not kill him. We handed it over to the forest department.

Residents said they will also hand over to the forest department in the future in the same way as they will hand over

to the forest department. Forest officials are also happy with the villagers.

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