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The top ten rich people in Bangladesh did not list

Let’s get acquainted with some top rich people.

Salman F Rahman: Founder owner of Beximco Group. He owns nearly 600 million dollars.

Musa bin Samsar: He is known as Prince Moses. She is said to be the pioneer of exporting Bangladesh’s manpower export business. He is the owner of the Datako Group. He owns nearly 950 million dollars.

Ahmed Akbar Sobhan: He is the founding owner of Bashundhara Group. He owns nearly 600 million dollars.

MA Hashim: He is the Chairman of Partex Group and UCBL Bank. He owns nearly 500 million dollars.

Azam J Chowdhury: He is the owner of East Coast Group, Chairman of Prime Bank and Soul Agent of Mobilla Jamuna Lubricant. He owns nearly 410 million dollars.

Giasuddin Al Mamun: He is the friend of Tarek Zia. He is the real estate, hotel and media businessman.

Ragib Ali: He is a successful businessman in tea production business. He is Chairman of South East Bank. He owns nearly 300 million dollars.

Shamsuddin Khan: He is the Chairman and Director of AK Khan & Company Ltd. He owns nearly 300 million dollars.

Iqbal Ahmed: He is a businessman in Sylhet. He succeeded in the marine food business. He is the chairman and director of the border group Libo Brother. He owns about 250-290 million dollars.

Saiful Islam Kamal: He is the Chairman and Director of Navana Ltd. and Navana CNG Ltd. He owns nearly $ 29 million.

A few days later Bangladesh will play in the Zimbabwe series. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has announced a series of surprises for Zimbabwe series BCB.

However, due to the absence of the presence of all the five Pandavas in the eleventh XI. Bowler Rubel Hossain is in the squad. Although Zimbabwe is a lightweight team from Bangladesh, there is a fear of Rubel.

Rubel said, “See Zimbabwe’s recent performance and see us. Now if there is an accident in some way then the danger is then the danger Our performance with them will be so good. So that in no way can any match befall our hands. Playing with Zimbabwe means that this pressure will remain. ‘

He said, “Shakib brother-Tamim brothers are the best players in our team. No doubt we’ll miss them. But by the other side, it is a chance to see. The chance to prove that those who are in our team can also win matches I hope there will be no problem because they are not two in this series.


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