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The sold in child returned to the mothers lap!

Police has returned Fatemas mother to her mother’s seven-day child, who sold her a hundred and eighty thousand taka.

On Tuesday night, the baby was rescued and returned to the mother Jasmine Daulatpur Police Station.

On November 16 at an arbitration meeting.. Daulatpur, Kushtia was born in Daulatpur, after the divorce and sevenday child daughter Fatema started selling.

Jugantar released the news on Tuesday night that Kushtia has given birth to a daughter divorces his wife sells a stranger The police went to the spot immediately after the news spread.

Daulatpur Police Officer Charge Ajgar Ali told the Jugantar that after the birth of three daughters, they divorced wife Rabiul Islam of Pekpara area of ​​Kholisakundi union of the upazila.

At the same time, Rabiul only sells seven-day daughter with children. Due to such news, police went to the spot.

The child was not ordered to go there and the police station to be ordered

Rabeenul Islam presented the child to the police station on Tuesday night.

We handed the child to his mother. The child is presently with his mother…

The baby’s mother, Jasmine, said that the husband forced her to take off the child from my coop and sold it for Tk

80,000. I want justice for those who took my daughter out of my lap..

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