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The old man cried humanity of police!!

Traffic police members have to do their duty on the streets are whatever the dust andsun-rain or any natural disaster…In spite of such hardships, many times they came forward with the help of humankind

in the service of helpless people. One such incident happened on Sunday in the city’s Shahbagh area..

Coming from Comilla to participate in the Shokranana Mahfile organized by Al-Haatul Ulaya Lil-Jamiatil Quoya.

Bangladesh in Suhrawardy Udyan, the capital, an estimated 75-year-old man He was looking for his companion and lost his companions. Without finding it.

he came to the Shahbag intersection to return to Comilla. Shahbag will go to Gulistan by car.

From there you will go to Comilla on the bus. He was too old and could not understand anything.

On that day, the same day as the other day the traffic south division constabulary-8 992 was operating in Shahbagh.

intersection. The word Police officer Kalam asked the way to go to Comilla without seeing any alternative to the old man. Seeing an old man, Kalam is illusory.

He promised to take the matter seriously and get him in the car properly. But there was no car in Shahbagh area due

to Road Diversion for Shokrana Mahfil. Immediately, there was a skotte going on. Kalam urged the scooter driver to

stop and bring the old man to Gulistan bus stand. When the man agreed, Kalam placed the old man in the lap of his father and put him on the school.

At that time the old man could not properly walk on the footwear of the school. Seeing this, the Kalam beautifully placed two feet of his old man on his foot.

In joy and gratitude, then the eyes of the elderly were watering. The old man has become utterly silent after receiving

a lot of respect from his father as a father. He said a lot of people have not asked anybody good answer. Speaking the police member Kalam, he came forward with help. For this, the old man went on praying for the traffic constable Kalam.

A report of DMP News reported that, after getting all the facts, the DMP News photographer Rubel Government’

camera on duty was responsible. He was also a distinguished performer at the Shahbagh intersection on the

occasion of ‘Shokranana Mahfil’. Seeing such a human incident in front of him, he immediately took the camera in

his hand and all the matter.

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