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The next generation of smartphone will be Galaxy Fold

Samsung has left the news of Galaxy phones in the smartphone market and has responded to the smartphone world. Smartphone or tablet folding phone can be called by any name.

That is two identities of a phone which have not been seen before.

Before the biggest rival Apple in the market Samsung launched this kind of phone. Samsung first introduced a big product before it was released to Apple.

That’s for them almost a decade in total. However Huawei a technology company is displaying the fallible phone immediately after Samsung.

Recently the Mobile World Congress 2015 MDWC held in Barcelona, ​​shows the first five-capable foldable smartphone METX smartphone.

In general the Galaxy Hold phones have a 4.6-inch screen. But just about half of the phone.

Unlike a book leaf, the full phone screen is open to you. Cutting the border, the whole 7.3 inches in size.

The full screen resolution of the phone is 2115×1536 but when it is folded, the resolution will be 1960×480 pixels.

Many might think there will be stains or lines in the middle but the funny thing is that there will be little scars or lines on the screen, no rinkles, no crystals in sight.

Samsung is considering it to be the preferred device for next generation and technology luxury. And the phone costs only $ 2000 dollars.

The chief researcher of CCS Insight, Ben Wood says that it will attract gazetrackers like magnet. But as interesting as the price of the new phone the last version of the Galaxy is twice as big as the Galaxy S10+

Francis Zeronimo Vice President of IDC Analyst He said that through this people first saw the size of the future of smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy’s Galaxy S Phone is set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the celebration of this Galaxy Fold.

The last decade has been equally fought with the iPhone. With this new product, the Galaxy brand will go to new heights it seems South Korean company Samsung..

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