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The longest Bangladeshi in the world to get 8 food

innat Ali of Cox Bazar. Although Guinness World Records are not on the record, he is considered to be the tallest man in the world. Born in 1982, the height of the cesen height is 8 feet 3 inches. Guinness World Records


2009recognizes him as the world’s tallest person Jinnat is three inches taller than that cushion. Jinnat Ali Height 8 feet 6 inches

Bagera farmer Amir Hamza’s son Jinnat met the Prime Minister on Wednesday (October 24th) in the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban. She told the Prime Minister about her problems. government’s ruling party MP Saimur Sarwar Kamal gave him this opportunity. The Prime Minister took charge of his treatment. Accordingly according to BSMMU, his full free treatment was being done.

Jinnah is talking about his elder brother Elias. He said that my wife could not bear the payment for Jinnat’s treatment. She has gone home, I do not get any sorrow in  after I had treated my brother as much as possible. People in the area helped me.

He further said, it is not possible for us to pay for the treatment of Jinnat now. So we met the Prime Minister and he took charge of our brother’s treatment. Earlier, MP Saimur Sarwar Kamal was financially supporting us for the last two years.

We came to Dhaka with the help of his hospital. He wants everyone to pray for his brother.

Replying to a question, Elijah said, experts have said that Jinnat is unusually tall due to hormonal and thyroid problems. Her mother Shahpuri Begum. They are three brothers, one sister. Jinnat III among brothers and sisters. The only active person in his body is his brother Elias. And for 14 years, Jinnat’s body has not been able to work if it is abnormally increasing.

It is also with Jinnat Ali. He said I used to eat rice rices not here. Moreover, the cooking quality is not good here.

But after getting enough food, smile appeared in his face. Jinnat feels his health is more important than gaining his name in Guinness chest.

It is known that the food given to Jinnat from Medical University is very low. Other patients of BSMMU’s D-block also came forward after seeing his hunger. Four-five people gave their food to the hospital, and Jinnat gave them food.

The hospital manager took the special arrangements for his food after learning about it. Although communication with any official was not possible in this regard.

However, Palash, who is working in the food service department, said that the director had instructed us to provide adequate food for Jinnat. At this point, from now on, six people will be given food every time from him. Which is equal to 18 people per day. At the same  is under the supervision of doctors.

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