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The image has not only cramped but humanity has not been able to rate it

Pictures of the incident of throwing a four-day stranger from a roof of a private clinic in Brahmanbaria has already become viral through social media.

Many of the pictures have been emotionally poached by sharing their timeline. The ruthless, heart-shaped picture spread through different groups.

This picture is only for Brahmanbariaake Khedeni. The film has taken a lot of mourning through social media.

Many people have thrown away the question of why the child was born in the mother’s lap and why the child was born.

It is seen in the picture – Lying children are lying on the road leading to the hospital. There is astonishing crowd surrounding the small body.

Syed Md. Mohsin, a man named on his Facebook wall, said, “Such a death is not desirable. Ayalan kurdi’s death stirred the world’s conscience. In Brahmanbaria, after the death of Hospice after the death of the Lab Aid Specialty Hospital with Nispapriya children, Brahmanbaria and the people of Bengal were shocked by the conscience of the people. Such death is not expected by anyone. Be good at the late mother’s son. ‘

The picture shared on Facebook by a publisher, Das, who wrote: “The body of the lost newborn is buried in a life-saving money book. Silent, silent, frozen Where all the words have ended How much helpless surrender was given to life from the mother, who left her four-day-old child in a multi-storied building and pushed her to death. Later, he jumped from the building and wrote the last chapter of life. There are many questions left behind.

Posting the tragic picture on Facebook, Palash, a writer, wrote, “Today the child who was supposed to have had a lot of love, parents and parents took him to the corpulent house…

Mousumi Bain Hira, official official said about her feelings and feelings. During this time, he said – this picture is ours.

This is how many people post emotionally on the pictures of the child on Facebook. They said that the picture does not just cringe people. Humanity has passed the rate

Someone uploaded the video of the incident.

An abnormal case has been filed in Sadar Model Police Station for the mother-child’s death. So far the mystery of the incident has not been revealed.

An officer reluctant to disclose the name of the investigation in the case said that the hospital authorities are being investigated in this regard.

Brahmanbaria Additional Superintendent of Police Mohammad Alamgir Hossain said, “We are shocked to see the child’s picture. A case has been filed in Sadar Model Police Station against the incident.

Police are investigating this matter. After the investigation, real facts are known. But the idea is that the border has done this thing by boasting with her husband.

In fact, on October  the limit was admitted to the Life Life Care Children and General Hospital of Lab Aid Hospital, after the labor of labor.

On this night, the boy gave birth to a boy under caesarean operation. On Friday morning, Lima and her child had to get clearance from the hospital.

It is to be noted that this incident happened in Brahmanbaria district town on Friday.

who dropped out of the roof of a private clinic in Brahmanbaria, only four days of her infant. Later he jumped himself and committed suicide.

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