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The heroine got the news of her own death

Sleeping in the morning like every day. But the day was completely different for him. Because, he read about his own death. What would have happened in such a situation is that it would be a mess. Taleud’s heroine Srilekha Mitra has also read.

Later, Shree Lakshya Mitra shared a post on her Facebook account. That share also gives a link to YouTube. While writing, ‘Tollygunj’s heroine Sri Lankha Mitra’ went to mourn everyone! However, while sharing the post, he jokingly wrote the word ‘RIP’.

Confusion has originated from a YouTube channel. The channel reported news of their admission to Sri Lakhar hospital in a way that was very common, and it seems normal to be called ‘death news’. And it soon spread to social media.

Sri Lankha said that such a bad experience had never happened before. I read the news of my own death to eat tea in the morning. Those who are not calling, they are also calling. What to say and not understand later

Sreelekha tried to take the light of the case, but her daughter was shocked by the begging. That’s normal, who likes to rumor and the death of his mother.

A little disturbed actress herself on social media. Regarding one of his pictures in black sarees, Srilekha said, ‘My most objectionable topic is morph photo. It is very annoying, my head and the other.

Sri Lankha Mitra was a popular actress in Tulida. This heroine was not seen anymore after the ‘Awesome Predict’ film of 2013, on the big screen. Recently released on 25 May his acted film ‘Rane Bozelli’

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