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The groups that will fight in the boat and rice fields

Participating in eleventh parliamentary elections, a number of political parties have reported that several political parties In the letter to the Election Commission, the parties requested to give their partners a symbol.

Of these, the BNP affiliate 8 teams and Awami League 11 party names have been submitted to the EC. Several parties in the two alliance have reported their use of symbols separately to the EC.

According to the Representation of the People Order, the political parties will have to inform the election information jointly within three days of the announcement of the schedule. According to the eleventh parliamentary election schedule Sunday, Sunday was the last day of the general election information. In the letter given to the Election Commission, the BNP has asked to participate in the alliance with eight parties.

In a letter signed by BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, it was said that in the eleventh parliamentary elections, 8 registered political parties have unanimously decided to contest the ‘rice ear’ symbol.

The parties are – BNP, Liberal Democratic Party  Bangladesh Jatiya Party Khelafat Majlis, National Democratic Party Bangladesh Kalyan Party, Bangladesh Muslim League and Jamiyat Ulamiya Islam Bangladesh. In the letter, the letter said that the nominated candidates will be notified for the allotment of symbols in the relevant electoral constituencies in the final nomination..

On the other hand, the Awami League has submitted the list of those parties who will vote in the 11th parliamentary election to the EC. On Sunday a delegation led by its organizing secretary Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Naofel submitted the list to Election Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed. However, he declined to tell that some parties would take part in the boat symbol.

Mahibul Hasan Chowdhury Naofel said that we gave the information commission to who will vote in boat symbol. But I am not the authority to name the parties. Several parties of the 14-party alliance led by the Awami League sent a separate letter to the Election Commission to send a letter to the Commission to vote on boat and their party symbol.

Registered Bangladesh JSD also gave a similar letter to the Election Commission to vote in the boat symbol. According to the EC sources Awami League, Bangladesh Party, Jasd, Democratic Party Samyabadi Dal, Jatiya Party Communist Center Ganajadi League, NAPDemocratic Mazdoor Party and Basad boat symbol Eleven will contest the parliamentary elections.

Krishak Sramik Janata League, wants to select two symbols
Liberal Democratic Party and Kader Siddiqui Krishak Sramik Janata League have sent a letter to the Election Commission asking them to select BNP’s Shees symbol with party symbol. On Sunday, two of the parties requested the Election Commission

Krishak Sramik Janata League General Secretary Habibur Rahman Talukder said in the letter that the Krishak Sramik Janata League will take part in the 11th Jatiya Utsa Front as its partner. The symbol of the party symbol towel or the united front will be

LDP president on the other side. In the letter signed by Oli Ahmed, it is said that some of the LDP nominees will elect the Eleventh Parliament for the LDP symbol umbrella mark. Again, some candidates expressed their interest to participate in the election with the symbol of the BNP symbol symbol of the main party of the 20-party alliance.

Jasd-Tarikat wants to vote in boat symbol
National Socialist Party and Bangladesh Tarikat Federation want to vote for the boat symbol with the 14-party alliance led by Awami League in eleven parliamentary elections.

On Sunday, the letter was sent to the Chief Election CommissionerIn a letter signed by JSD President Hasanul Haque it was said, “For your kind notice, I am convinced that as per the last 10th parliamentary elections, the Election Commission is electing the elected political parties in the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. Under the provisions of the Representation of People Order 20 of the RPA take necessary steps to reserve the reserved boat symbol for the nominated candidates of National Socialist Party  and 14-party alliance as the party of 14-party alliance. Do not interfere.

In the letter signed by Bangladesh Tarikat Federation Secretary General Syed Rezaul Haque Chandpuri, the letter of ‘Tarikat Federation’ symbolized ‘flower garland’. As a part of the 14-party alliance led by Bangladesh Awami League, the last parliament participated in the election. Accordingly, in the eleventh parliamentary elections, we have agreed in principle to elect the boat symbolically with the 14-party alliance. EC announces 11th parliamentary election schedule on November 8 According to  will have to appeal to the parties if they want to elect a separate election within the next 3 days of the announcement of the schedule. This is the last day… The national united front and the United Front demanded the election The commission will announce on Monday whether the election will be backed up or not.

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