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The e-bikes made by Bar Bar are going to be around 200 taka throughout the month

The price of fuel oil is increasing. Increasing number of vehicles So, to fill the energy daily, the petrol pump has to stand in a long line. This is a waste of time. On the other hand fuel costs of fuel-driven vehicle are also many. As a result, the cost of living of the smallest income increases.

But if there is a bay that does not need fuel. If you want to be fit like a bicycle, you can also be fit. But of course, many will choose this as a daily vehicle. Acid Motors has brought an e-bike in the country’s market. It’s electric bike When the battery’s charge ends, the pedal will rotate like a bicycle to the destination. This electric bike named ‘Eagle’ will make your journey easier.

This e-bike has been used for pedal powered two-wheeled 350-watt Lead Acid Battery. Battery capacitance 60 volts and 12 ampere hours. It will take 8 hours to charge the full battery. The maximum cost of 6 Taka electricity will be required to charge the bike daily. Which is less than 200 rupees as suramas.

With the charge of ‘Eagle’, you can travel 45-50 kilometers per day. Speed ​​is too low. The bike will run 38 kilometers per hour.

Akij motors service manager Abu Shahadat Md. Noman said, “Many people in Bangladesh have a mind-set concept with electric bikes. Many people believe that movement on the e-bike road is prohibited. Traffic police prevent this bike from being caught. But the real thing is that there is no ban on the e-bike ride. However, driving a two-wheeler motor or electric bike must be a good driver. Driver and ascending helmet wear.

Abu Shahadat Md. Noman also said, apart from the e-bike ‘Eagle’ driver made by Akij, another can climb. And if you have to pick up a heavy item, there is also a provision for it. The back seat can be loaded into the luggage. There are footpaths for ascending. Which is larger than other bikes. If the bike’s battery expired, using the pedal, the driver can easily reach the destination..

There is no charging station in the country for recharge of electric bike. Asked what to do if the battery is running out of duty suddenly, Noman said, “If you go from Mohakhali to the airport, you will not get more than one petrol pump on the way.” So do not you drive? Each vehicle has a fuel indicator. In the same way there is a way to know how much charge the electric bike is in the battery. Your preparation will be the kind of e-biking you would like to refuel in fuel-powered cars. And the ‘Eagle’ has the pad as an added advantage.

Drum brakes have been used in the front and back of the bike. Tire size 2.25-17 Headlights in front of the bike and telelot behind for the night movement. Signal lights have a right to left or left. The basket has a basket in front. The large size can be easily conveyed in this basket..

While running the bike there is a looking glass to see the back of the car. Bike price is 49 thousand 500 taka. ‘Eagles’ can be found in all show’ rooms of Akij Motors, including the commercial merchandise of the capital.

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