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That which is totally worthless

The film is going to be debuted in the movie Shahhen Shah’ opposite Dholiaudh Supersta Shakib Khan one time news presenter, Rodeela Jannat.

But before the shooting of the film was created trouble. Shooting for the movie stopped due to unknown reasons. Meanwhile, before the work of the film there was a storm of criticism surrounding Shakib’s new heroine Three years ago, some pictures posted on Facebook have come to the forefront of rumors that Rosalay has started. A person named Sajid Hossain Rohhel claimed that Shakibs heroine, Rodale, was a fianc

Besides, some pictures of two intimate photos have been published on Facebook. When asked about the hroine about this, he flaunted the issue and said, once Rohel was my boyriend. The two had deep relationships. Afterwards it did not move much further.

But it was also true, we were about to be defeated. Everything was done in the family. We decided, we will get married. But after that the decision was taken away from the decision.

Rodela said, there was nothing to deny that I had a deeprelationship with him. However, after 2016 we broke our relationship. There is no other contact with Rohel since then. I becam busy with studies and research.

Basically this is a part of my past. And it rattled it, it was completely foul The one who is talking about is the son of the media. Anyone can talk to him.

Besides, everyone has a family, I have. There is no such thing as hiding in a marriage. No one can hide it, but it can hide. Even if someone lied about this, then I have nothing to say..

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