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That is why the meeting of the national unity process is postponed

The BNP, the National Integration Process and the United Front, were supposed to meet again to set their final demands and goals to build a final movement demanding the return of voting rights. Today, on Thursday (October 11th), the meeting was supposed to be held in the night but there was no meeting at all.

The meeting was inaugurated by the convenor of the National Unity Process and the President of Ganfarram. Kamal Hossain was supposed to be held at Bailey Road home. As he was ill, he was transferred to the home of the National Socialist Party – JSD President A S Abdur Rab Uttara. A meeting was held at 9am at the house of Abdur Rab, but it was postponed at the last moment.

The United Front and the leaders of national unity process agreed not to say why the meeting was postponed due to the departure of the two phases.

Asked about this, JSD General Secretary Abdul Malek Ratan said in the evening. Kamal Hossain was scheduled to hold a meeting of the top leaders of the three parties. Because he was ill, it was transferred to the house of Abdur Rab at 9pm. Later this meeting was postponed.

Why is the suspension – he replied, ‘I can not say anything so. Just know that the meeting has been postponed. The meeting will be held at the opportune time again. The media will be informed when the day-to-day is right ‘.

However, a united United Front leader said that before meeting in the house of ASSM Abdur Rab, the leaders of the BNP, United Front and national unity process came to know that one of the main landlords in the development of greater national unity was the head of the intellectuals and public health center of the BNP. Jafarullah Chowdhury’s residence is surrounded by police. In this situation, the situation goes on, what is going to happen Jafferullah Chowdhury’s fate – to understand that at the last moment, the three party leaders decided to postpone the meeting.

According to sources, the United Front and the National Integration Process want to finalize the issue of conducting the country by winning movement with the BNP, sharing shares and elections before joining the unity of the broad national unity banner. To this end, three parties have made separate claims and made a preliminary draft of the targets. Now there is work to adjust these demands and goals. Initially, seven-point demand and 11-point targets were fixed. When the matter is final, the BNP-United Front-United-Unity process will go on in the movement. It is also finalizing the name of the coalition alliance, but the talks have been canceled due to the cancellation of the meeting.

Apart from the BNP-United Front-leaders, there are differences of opinions and co-ordination among the leaders, many sources have claimed. Bailey Road. On the day before the unity process meeting in Kamal Hossain’s house, ie Wednesday (October 10th), one of the united front leaders, the Secretary General of the alternative section, Major (retd) Abdul Mannan declined to join the next meeting. Former president, United Front chairman and alternative president of Bangladesh, Professor Dr. AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury also In this situation, it was decided to meet at the residence of Abdur Rab, but the meeting was postponed at the last moment.

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