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That is why love moved from the palace to the footpath and left the palace

It is possible to say that the princess was a princess One of the richest people in Malaysia and the business tycoon of

the country is called K daughter. But the princess suddenly went.. out of the palace to theHeaven is like coming down from heaven. The only reason for this is love.

Yes, Pang’s only daughter, Angeline Francis Koo, has been living luxuriously since her birth. But that thing thing left

the property and the luxury one by one, and took hold of one young man.This incident happened recently in England.

Although Malaysia was born he went to England in 2001 to study. while talking to a young man named Jedidih


Francis, he took part in the Oxford University. Francis was born in the Caribbean region. He is a researcher of Pembroke College data. Slowly their relationship is deep. Love frances

But the millionaire father did not agree with this  it is quite well known. Nevertheless he told Baba about their

relationship. Khur’s father went to a very hot suit on the girl. Do not put it in a marriage.


There were two roads open in front of the hoop. One, forgetting Francis and marrying him against two, father.

But going against my father was not easy. Because he had to sacrifice in such a way that his longtime habit was to be. He had to sacrifice his luxurious life.

He did the same. Explaining that no other asset can be compared with Francis’s love. Francis, left all of the estate and took hands by Francis. They have recently married.

This wedding ceremony is held at Pembroke College Campus with 30 people with friends..

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