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Tanushree is actually male

Rakhi Sawant will have to throw a bomb. On Wednesday, she called on a journalist conference calling herself a sexual assault. Rakh plosion demanded that her friend Tanushree Datta raped heis not the end here, Rakhi claimed, Tanushree Datta is a girl outside, but she is a son. A full male tanushri

Rakhi complained that Tanoshi raped her 12 years ago. He has been raped repeatedly, he said. He said my body trembling to take his name. I have been threatened with gang rape. I informed the matter at the local police station. Tanushree has filed a 10 crore case against mwill make a 50 million case.

Tanushree said, Tanoshri was my best friend 12 years ago. He used to be a drug I got the drug after his fall. Cigarettes were filled with empty green color drugs. That would have dragged me, would have given me too. I used to eat some 6 times in the air. She would force it in my mouth and force it.

At the same time, Sawant said that the person who was unable to do anything in his youth, what will he do when he is old? He played the role of father. Alok Nath as well as singer and music director Anu Malik also said he is good. In the words of Rakhi, I spent hours in an hour with Anu Malik. He never touched me.

Rakhi Sawant has also blamed Tonsuri Dutta for sexual assault with various patkars. His words, pride of Maharashtra, Patkar He will protest against his father’s dirty complaint. And do so. Rakhi has also said that Bollywood is being blamed in the name of the hashtag mitu movement.

As a result the producers are afraid to talk to the heroine, many will not get the job. Sawant said, “This is not the only thing in Bollywood. It is also in politics. There are many other places. His question is, why only Bollywood is being dishonored..

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