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Swimmers Swimsuit Girl

American star swimmer Mickey Franklin, who was named ‘Wishya Girl wrote the name of Saber Kate in 23 years of age.

5 Olympic gold medalist Malkin Missy officially announced his retirement on Twitter.

In the 2012 London Olympics, she won the 100th and 200m backstroke. He was only 17 years old.

Missy, who won half a dozen gold at the Barcelona World Championship in 2013. He was very distressed when he

announced his retirement. On his Twitter announcement, he wrote, ve never written such a difficult letter anymore.

World Record of World Gold Medal of 200m Backstroke won Missi Gold. That record was intact for 6 years. In the

same year, Missy received the world’s best swimmers. Why did you get away at such a low age? As a result, Miss said

that the shoulder injury has ended in her colorful career. The injury sustained for three years at the international competitive level.

In the London Games, winning two gold at the individual level, along with two gold medals in the team section

Four years later, Rio has been on the shoulders of the Olympiad for the country in the pool. But there is nothing but

a group of nominal groups, except gold. Did anyone think that the swimmest one-time wonder girl is really so bad that it will become a tragic heroine?

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