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students suicide with the status of Facebook

A student named Islami Universit Nazmul Hassan committed suicide by the status of social media on Facebook. On Friday afternoon, the student wrote on his Facebook ‘Want a rickshaw, to return to childhood and adolescence.’ The student committed suicide by hanging himself in the room of Saddam Hussein Hal on Sunday evening. He is a third year student of law department…

He is believed to have committed suicide due to physical illness and mental depression. In this incident, the shadow of mourning has come down across the campus.

According to classmates, Nazmul went out on the campus with his friends on six o’clock in the evening. Later in the evening at around 7:30 in the house (number 229). After that, he calls his friend Nadeem in his cell phone on his mobile phone. The door was locked in front of his friend’s rooms. At one stage of the call, Najmul was seen hanging in the room without breaking the door after breaking the door. When the classmates dropped from the rope to the university’s medical center, duty doctor Badiuzzaman declared Nazmul dead. Later, he was taken to Kushtia Medical College Hospital.

The classmates said that the final year of Nazmul’s final year is underway. His dream was to become a SP. Presently, Nazmul was preparing for the BCS examination.

According to the medicala center of the university, Nazmul was suffering from various diseases including pressure, breathing and eye problems. Even before the suicide, he took treatment in the medical center. But Nazmul’s classmates said that he was addicted to a lot of smiles. Nazmul’s house in Barat village of Tala upazila of Satkhira district. His father’s name was Abdul Malek Gazis Mother’s name is Rokeya Begum.

In this regard, Dr. Proctor. Mahbubur Rahman said the body was sent to Kushtia Sadar Hospital. The family has been informed about this. Speaking to family members will be decided next..

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