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So tall so thick so drysd,.

There are many advantages along with the convenience of the star. As all the lights around him surround him, so is the criticism that he is bound to be pierced even more sharply. Sometimes the stars sometimes answer these questions. Recently, an actreshas been criticized for posting a picture in Instagram model actress Piya Jannatulake..

Facebook came to Live and answered her answer. Said, that the public figure has so much to bear for this. Many people hear many things. So tall, so thick, so dry! Many have continued to talk. We do not say anything to anyone. Because we know Manor. Learned at home, learned to grow up. Are you coming from an uneducated family? It is very sad.

Piya further said, as a nation we are very educated, polite, we want to show it repeatedly. I want to know one thing … I model Besides, I have finished my studies have become lawyers or have been doing business. But people know me as a model. So what do you expect me to do? I go after the burqa? Will you upload photos with a burqa? After the hijab, after the veil .. something like this? If I did not get the mode I would have liked myself….

He also said, we realize that we are not ready to accept many things mentally. OK do not need to be ready. So do what you want to do. Sitting at home. Do not run Facebook do not install Instagram. Nothing will be seen But why bother people I do not understand that. No one was sitting to listen to you. Do you think I will go down to wear the hijab when I hear you? No I will do what I like to do…


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