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Simon Mahi at the wedding pine

It is very normal for anyone to get shocked by the sudden splendid wedding of Barpara two faces. Since the time

they hit the favorite ‘Badamon movie as a pair of fans, These photos of a wedding aremorning. Where the groom is

seen in the filmmaker and the bride is seen in the way Mahia Mahike Manikganj on Monday or they are sitting at the


Many people hear the news that the eyes are on the forehead. The hero Simon opened himself and said the matter

Simon said in a fun while Manik Bhai gave the marriage!” But the fact is, the hero said.

The story of the story  Aashru directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik was sitting on the pitch of the wedding.

Shooting from Manikganj on Monday

Simon Sadiq further said the story of the present time, the hero of the heroine is usually shown at the end of the

movie. Or the hero and the heroine get married before the family without permission. But in this movie marriage will be shown with the consent of the family. It will see the audience before the break of the movie..

Simon, Mahi playing the central role of the movie. There are also many others, including Joy Chowdhury, Aliraj, Shahiduzzaman Selim. Prior to Simon-Mahi played a role in Mustafizur Rahman Manik

The movie was released in the last Eid al Azha. Most popular movie makers Mostafizur Rahman Manik, including

Mune Chuike Man Maa My Eyes Moni ‘Some Hope Some LoveEven I Love..

But he was trapped in traffic congestion on the way. not get on the plane. Now Satyawan is thanking the Creator for his continuation.

Because his family broke down after hearing about the accident. cry started. Mother was not being handled. Then I told them

The news of the accident spread to Jakarta and Pankal Peanang’s crowd at the airport, the mourning relatives of the passengers were mourned.

A young girl cried at the airport when she cried, be patient. Pray for your father.

Rescuers said the plane’s tail wreck was found. Searching for the main framework. There is a problem in the wave of waves and high waves in

The robot also worked underPresident Joko Widodo now stresses the rescue.

Edward Sirat, CEO of Lion Air, said that the problem was seen in the previous Boeing on the previous night of the flight. The previous day Bali flew to Jakarta from Jakarta to Jakarta.

Meanwhil feared that no one survives.

Bambang Surui, an official in Indonesia’s search and rescue operations, expressed the danger on Monday.

He told journalists that we need to find our main ruins. Based on the number of bodies found so far, I believe nobody survives.

On Monday, the communication room of the Lion Air flight jetty-610 with the control room was lost after 13 minutes of flying to Jakarta to Sumatra Pankal

The plane of Lion Air flew from Jakarta at 6:20 am After an hour it was about to reach Pankal Pinang town.

There were also three cldren amhiong the flight Two pilots and five cabin crew were conducting flights.

Rescuers recovered some debris. But no one found any signs of survival. Some things like water from the water, passenger identity cards, baby shoes and driving license were found.

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