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Shakib, three weeks after surgery

Shakib Al Hasan received a relief news for the time now. Apollo hospital had to be admitted to the hospital due to severe injuries in the hand injury. After getting admitted there for two days today. However, antibiotics will last three weeks. Then Shakib’s surgery will be done. Shakib might have returned for three months to return to the field.

Shakib returned home during a match with his finger injury with Pakistan. But due to the increase in the wound, the hospital had to be admitted to the hospital. It is only then known that, Shakib’s wounds have spread far and wide, and if you do not get admitted in the hospital, even if you have lost the ability to work, it can be a big loss. The infection spread due to finger swelling, the operation was carried out in the hospital first. Then he was given antibiotics.

On Sunday (September 30th) at a press conference in Apollo Hospitals, senior consultant Dr M Ali said that the importance of the condition of Shakib has been realized and the surgery was done immediately. Afterwards, culture and sensitivity were sent to the test lab for reducing the complications of infection. According to the report, there was an infection through the pseudomonas bacterium. Shakib has been released today because of the successful operation. But three weeks will be eaten antibiotics, in which the infection will be completely surrendered under the knife of the surgeon Shakib. However, it was not yet decided whether the surgery would be done in New York, Australia or not.

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