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Shakib Khan wants new heroine!

Shakib, the single dominating actor in Dhaka movies Fans believe that Shakib is one and unique in the Dhaka film industry at this time. Social media claims a fan in it.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the new year the shooting of the new movie ‘Bir’ will start shooting for Dhaliud

Superstar Shakib Khan. And this film will work together for the first time by the creators Qazi Hayat and Shakik Khan.

The film is being produced by Shakib Khan, his friend, Iqbar Hossain.

Jaya, though, expressed her desire to take Ahsan as the hero of ‘Hero but Jaya could not stay in the schedule. But if Jaya is not the heroine Shakib’s hero?

Producer Iqbal Hossain said, “We are looking for a new heroine for heroes. Why are you looking for a new heroine in

the cast? Responding to such a question, Iqbal said, “Because Shakib Khan wants to introduce a new heroine in the new year.”

Shakib has made many heroes so far. Among them, one of the most influential buys is. Recently, a newcomer named

Rodeela Jannat, Shahne Shah has been paired in the film Dhaliud Superstar. And now the new year is also trying to start with the new heroine.

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