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Shakib Khan can not survive without childhood

A few days ago, Khaliyed King Shakib Khan was more busy with work from family and children. Occasionally when the boy got the news through phone, King Khan could not spend a lot of time with him. But the time is growing and the boy is big, Shakib Khan is not wanting to get away from Joy.

If you have time to meet the winner Playing in the match. He is always looking forward to spending with the boy. Recently, he got up and went to school to get his son to school. Aapu Biswas too was surprised at the behavior of Shakib Khan.

Zaayo is growing bigger than father Shakib Khan should be with him. He can not even tell anyone by daring to say that he But as long as the father gets closer, there is no news of the whole world. And Shakib, who is in love with his father, is becoming more weak towards him.

Recently, Shakib Khan was very excited about going to school boy. He said, ‘I will try all the ways to make Abraham’s beautiful future. It’s very naughty. I love spending time with him. But he has an interest in reading. So sometimes I can sit down with him. ‘

Shakib and Apu went to join the American International School Dhaka (AISD) school at Baridhara in the capital on November 12. They also filled the form for admission.

But the age of the boy stands barrier. The school authorities advised Joy to be admitted to play group in ‘International School Dhaka’ in Bashundhara Residential Area. After this, Joy is admitted to the school’s play group. Coming to school begins to win

On Wednesday, Apu Biswas said, “I want you to be happy on the first day of your school. You just do not take good education, mix many beautiful children, spend your memorable time with them. I’m proud of you. ‘

Apu Biswas said, ‘It was a bad idea that Joy could not be admitted to school this year. But I did not have to wait anymore, finally our son started going to school. Looks very happy It is not possible to express the joy of the child’s parents in the first school. Everyone will pray for victory….

Meanwhile, after a year long, the model of an advertising model is being done by Apu Biswas. Soon he will shoot a beautiful coconut oil advert. Akin Amin is naming the advertisement It is known very soon that it will be promoted soon.

In this context, Apu Biswas said, “I do not play in the drama. I have no interest in the small screen or the web series. But as a model I have a popularity. That’s why sometimes we work in advertising. I liked the ads I made. Hopefully this will not be.

Besides, Apu Biswas is busy doing busy work of n-laws Zindabad’ movie. Bappi Chowdhury is acting opposite Apu Biswas in Debashish Biswas directed film. Besides, Apu Biswas is acting in the film named ‘Shotarkat’ by Nachiketa Chakrabarty.l

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