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Shabib started the year with Bubbli

Shakib Khan will go to the set to make his debut in the new year on January 12.

The name of the movie is  Qazi Hayat the creator of the 50th film directed by..

In the last week of last year, it was announced that the name of the heroine will be announced in surprise.

Many have assumed that maybe there is a heroine coming out of it. But that is not Shakib trusts Bubli over Together with the newcomer Tamanna Ismail Sohani

They are starring in The film is being produced by Shakib Khan and his friend Mohammad Iqbal.

Mohammad Iqbal confirmed the role of Babli. He said..

We have kept surprises around the picture. They will come slowly.

The new heroine acted in a drama before Sohni. This is a big way coming soon.

The film will start shooting on February 12 in BFDC. Then we will go to Rangamati on 17th.

Shakib will also be seen as a singer in this film.

He will sing on the basis of textbooks. The ninth image of  Shakib-Bubali..

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