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Salman-Jaisia’s relationship ends!

The relationship between the acclaimed pair of Miss World Bangladesh Jessia Islam and actor Salman Muktadir ended. A few days ago..

in front of the door of the house of Salman’s door and hurting about brick  Jaisia ​​Islam informed the information.

It is known that there was a love relationship between Salman Muktadir and Jessia Islam for one and a half years. Suddenly there is a conflict between them. Salman’s house was attacked in midnight.

Recently a video of a throwing and brick throw in the gate of Salman’s house was viral.

The girl who made the incident, Jessia Islam The video is taken from the front of the house. After that incident.

the couple were faced with widespread criticism.

Jessia said, we love for one and a half years. Our relationship with marriage committees, our marriage plans before or after that was planned.

He said that on the day of the incident, Salman is lying with me in a matter of fact. Which is not possible in any way in a love relationship I was forced to go home. She could not think, I’ll go that night. But I did not know any other way.

Salman has cheated, Jessia said, actually does not know to respect the relationship. One day he will have to suffer a lot. One-and-a-half year relationship is a big education for me.

These chapters are currently closed. I want to stay with myself now, want to study, be attentive to my career. There was so much time with Salman that he could not do much work. There is no obstacle now.

Be attentive to those things.

When contacted for talking with Salman Muktadir, his phone is closed. Salman Muktadir and Jessia Islam have often posted intimate images of social media.

These pictures have been widely criticized for criticizing social media….!!

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