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Robi will buy a smartphone

Cozbi Robi, the country’s top digital service provider signed an agreement with the company of Phinech Company YabaX to give financial support to customers for purchasing smartphones.

In the ongoing Mobile World Congress2019 in Barcelona ​​Mr. Mahtab Uddin Ahmed Managing Director & CEO of Robi and Mr. Youth Exchange’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mr. Rajat Dayal signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of their respective organizations.

Robi has created a profile of subscribers with information from mobile networks.

And through this many customers will be able to buy a smartphone for the first time.

This agreement is expected to bring a radical change in the development of digital lifestyle in the country.

YabaX ensures the overall management of financial transactions through sophisticated technology.

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed managing director and CEO of Robi Axiata Limited said The average price of the smartphone is much higher than the per capita income of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the countries with the lowest smartphone usage in the region. With this agreement, we will be

able to deliver handset to customers at low cost and we hope that the discrimination of mobile usage will be

removed according to the SDG target. Alongside this, Robi will be a milestone in Big Data Analysis and Fintech’s case.

Chief Digital Services Officer Shihab Ahmed, Chief Technology and Digital Transformation Officer Medeedat Al Hussaini.

Executive Vice President of Digital Services Ahmed Arman Siddiqui, Executive Vice President of Technology Operations Sohail Ahmed IOT and Product Innovation Vice President. Shawkat Quader Chowdhury Vice President of

Public Affairs Raj Sharif Shah Jamal and Vice President of Global Markets Unit of Comviva Raymas Teodoresku and Chief Marketing Officer Surdavi Verma were also present.

Robi has developed the country’s largest 4.5G network within a year of launching 4.5G services. YabaX on the other hand, offers financial support to customers in emerging markets to buy smartphones.

However it was not disclosed in the press release that it will be launched under the scanner.

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