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Resting place is not Mushfiq

Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has rested Mushfiqur Rahim, who suffered a bruised injury while playing in the recently concluded Asia Cup. The wicketkeeper-batsman does not have to be rested if he is fit.

So today he will practice light batting at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur. The 31-year-old batsman got a bruise in the first Asia Cup match against Sri Lanka. With the injury, he played an impressive innings of 144 runs in the match. Later, he scored 99 runs against Pakistan.

In the final match against India On October 15, another scan will be done. Today he wants to take care of his condition by exercising. BCB chief physician Debashis Chowdhury said that it takes a few weeks to recover from this type of injury. A few days have already been cut.

In Saudi Arabia, a woman has been appointed to manage the bank. British businessman Lubna al-Ollaiya will be the head of the new bank to be formed in conservative country Saudh, British Bank and Alawal Bank.

Lubna was posted as Deputy Chairman of Alawal Bank since 2014.

Several initiatives have been taken to empower women in the country recently as part of the Saudi Prince’s ‘Vision 2030’ by Mohammad bin Salman.

Saudi women get permission to drive after the ban was lifted in June. They also got the right to watch movies in the theaters and watch the game at the stadium.

Lubna is on the Forbes Magazine’s list of influential women in the Middle East

On Thursday, the Indian price of one US dollar stood at 73.66 rupees. On January 1 this year, which was 63.88 rupees. Thus, the value of rupee declined by almost 15 percent in 10 months. As a result, the price of one dollar is now 73.66 rupees. Where the price of one dollar is 83.77 taka in Bangladeshi currency.

According to the October 4th, the value in every rupee stood at one paisa 13 paisa. That means 100 rupees was found on Thursday at 113 rupees. On the other hand, Tk 100 in Rupees 89 The rupee rate against the rupee is the lowest so far.

Economist Professor Dr. Moinul Islam said, the rate at which the rupee was devaluated against the dalad, the rate was not devaluated. Because of which the rupee value is nearing money. As a result, there is little benefit to importing goods from India, but demand in India will increase the prices of our export products and reduce demand.

NS Venkatesh, chief executive of Association of Mutual Funds in India, said that Indian currency is shrinking due to high oil prices. But the Indian economy is strong. Hopefully, the value of the rupee will be stable around 69.

The upward trend in the global currency market is that Bangladeshi money has shown more ‘resilience’ against the dollar, which is why it has increased its rates compared to Rupee. Experts say, if this trend persists, India’s exports will increase further – on the other hand, those who come to India for tourism or treatment from Bangladesh will be of the benefit.

It is a great news for those who go to India to see, perform surgery, go to India to visit Taj Mahal or visit Ajmer Sharif – because after the change of money, the cash in their hands will now be much higher. Travelers. You get more rupees than a dollar in the past. This will cost the cost of product shopping.

If a Bangladeshi purchases certain products at the fixed price shop for shopping in India earlier this year and converted some rupees (converted to Rupees) at 10 thousand rupees and if you want to buy the same item from the same shop again in the first week of October, then its 9 thousand 50 It will be possible to make money (converted to rupees). Because in this period, Indian rupee has lost interest in the US against the dollar in excess of the currency of rupee.

In August 2013, much like the price of Bangladeshi money has increased in the same way against Rupee. At the end of August 2015, a price of 100 rupees stood at a little more than 115 rupees….

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