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Reham the ex-beautiful wife of Prime Minister Imran

Rehman Khan, the journalist of Pakistan, came to the discussion due to his marriage with Imran Khan. See pictures of beautiful Raham Khan.,

Reham was born in 1973. Her father’s doctor Nayar Ramzan

Reham performed a weather-related show on BBC. Presently a talk show titled ‘Reham Khan Shaw’ is presented at Dawn News in Pakistan..

Bachelor of Postgraduate and Post Graduate in Broadcast Journalism from North Lindsay College

Rehman has appeared on multiple TV channels including Legal TV, Today Tek, PTV, Neo TV, News One.

At the age of 19, the first marriage with British psychologist Ejaz Rahman was given to Rehma.

Rehma and Ejaz have three children. After the separation, there are three children to Reham.

Reham has blamed the attachment to Ezag’s alcohol as the reason for his first marriage breakdown.

Rehman started her career as a full-time journalist after divorce with Imran.

In 2015, Rehman was married for the second time by legendary Imran Khan.

Reham did not spend much time with Imran just ten months. Then she got married again.

After breaking up with Imran, he published his memoir, ‘Reham Khan’. In that book, he made several horrendous allegations against Imran.

Drug addiction from Imrans perverted sexual life – Rehman Khan’s ‘Memoir’ is a stack of a baru

Reham in front of the Golden Temple while traveling to India.

Rehm with the legendary football player Pelé in the same frame.

Rehman Khan with famous poet and songwriter Javed Akhtar.


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